LED plant light

The latest LED plant lighting tube with adjustable spectrum and light quantity.

product description:

Different plant species require different light quality and conditions (light intensity, red/blue light ratio) at different stages of growth (germination/seedling/breeding/flowering/ripening). The unalterable LED plant light cannot optimally provide optimized light conditions. Different from the general plant lighting tube, Just Power Integrated Technology Inc. tunable spectrum and light quantity LED plant lighting tube with patented structure is the most advantageous LED plant light as the optimized light quality conditions can be fully achieved.

Adjustable spectrum and light amount, providing the required spectrum and light amount at different stages of plant growth for an optimal result.

Uniform spectrum and light amount, producing stable and consistent plant produces.

Equipped with spectrum/light amount memory function.

When cultivating different crops, it is not necessary to change to different lighting, which can save the cost of establishment.

In addition, only the planters know the light conditions, no need to worry about the spreading. With the control panel, 21-order red light and blue light ratio can be adjusted, and the light intensity has an adjustable range of 10%~100%. Each control panel can control many light tubes, with a maximum of 24 plant tubes at the same time (on the same circuit).

  1. 100-240V AC Full voltage input
  2. Adjustable spectrum (21-order)
  • Red light (660nm): 100%~0%
  • blue light(450nm) / white light / far-red light(730nm) : 0%~100%
  1. Adjustable light amount (100%~10%, 5% order)
  2. Externally power supply for a longer life.
  3. Uniform red/blue light in the light tubes.
  4. Uniform light amount in the light tubes.
 Input voltage  100~240V AC / 50~60Hz
 Power consumption  2.3~23W max. (Adjustable through the control panel)
 for 1 of 4 feet light tube
 efficiency  82% in AC110V; 86% in AC220V
 Power factor  PF>0.99 (110V) / PF>0.9 (220V)
 Light output  Red/ Blue light tube  Red 660nm : 2.0 umol/s per Watt
 Blue 450nm : 1.5 umol/s per Watt
 Red/ White light tube  Red 660nm : 2.0 umol/s per Watt
 White : 1.7 umol/s per Watt
 Red/ Blue/ White light tube  Red 660nm : 2.0 umol/s per Watt
 Blue 450nm : 1.5 umol/s per Watt
 White : 1.7 umol/s per Watt
 Red / Infrared light tube  Red 660nm : 2.0 umol/s per Watt
 FR 730nm : 1.85umol/s per Watt
 Adjustable range of the light amount  10%~100% (5%/Order)
 Adjustable range of the spectrum
 21-order photon ratio (please read the display of the control panel)
 lumens depreciation (L80)  50,000hours
 Operating temperature  0~40 ˚C
 Size  φ32.5 & φ 28.5mm x L 1200mm (T8 4ft tube)
 Warranty  2 years

◎ Control Panel

 Input voltage  DC 5V (Need to be connected to the driver power supply of the light tubes so as to get the power supply
 Power consumption  0.3W
 Operating temperature  0~40 ˚C
 Size (length * width * height)  116mm*71mm*17mm
 net weight  69g