Temperature-controlled cultivation container

MINI Temperature-controlled cultivation container

1. Operation panel:set the power supply, the lighting cycle and the display of current operation indication of the cultivation container.
2. Plant lighting bar: a light source that should not be shaded as it may affect the growth of the plants.
3. Cultivation tanks:a total of two layers of cultivation tanks, which are containers loaded with culture solutions for plant growth.
4. Solution tank:a single layer of cultivation tank, which is a container loaded with culture solution for plant growth.
5. Planting board:placed on the cultivation tank and the solution tank for the fixed growth of the plants.
6. Planting holes:where the seedling cups are placed for the fixed growth of the plants.
7. Liquid window:the indication of the water height. Solutions can be added when needed.
8. Fluorescent lamp switch:when the plating lamps are off, the internal illumination light can be turned on.
9. Easy planting cups:The seeds can absorb water and germinate from the medium.
10. Filling bucket:filling containers with water and solution.