Edible flowers are the latest trend in high-end dining

After years of falling out of favor, cooking and decoration with flowers have once again become popular. Flower cooking can be traced back to the Roman era, as well as the Chinese, Middle Eastern and Indian culture. During the Victorian era under Queen Victoria’s reign, edible flowers were quite trendy. Today, many chefs and innovative family chefs decorate the main course with flowers, bringing a touch of elegance. The secret to the success of using edible flowers is to keep the dishes simple without adding other flavors which may overpass the delicate taste of the flowers. Today, this almost lost art is enjoying its renaissance.

Current cultivation of edible flowers

Matricaria chamomilla

Thymophylla tenuiloba

Lobularia Maritima


Lobelia erinus

Dianthus chinensis

Astragalus sinicus

Borago officinalis

Linaria bipartita

Viola tricolor

Viola odorata

Applications of edible flowers


Ice cube





Edible flower drying


Icing cream