Easy planting cup,Culture solutions

Easy planting cup

@ Easy planting cups are easy to move and the container can be changed at any time.
Seeds are included so that you can plant with ease.

@ It contains non-toxic medium that needs to absorb the water in order to let the seeds germinate and the cutting root. Both at once.

@ A non-toxic medium with infrared patent to retain water, ventilate, inhibit bacteria and promote plant growth is used.

Culture solutions – Hydroponic Energy

How to use

According to the capacity of the container, take A, B, and C for different hydroponic cultivation, and dilute 200-250 times for cultivation. For example, if A and B are 2ML in total, 400-500ML of culture solution can be configured.



1. Store in the refrigerator only up to 4 months. Do not place under direct sunlight.
2. Shake the bottle before use.
3. If it gets into your eyes, rinse immediately with water.

Registration Certificate- Hydroponic Energy A

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