Taiwan「 ” Loga”」was officially established in Xinshi Dist., Tainan City in June 2012.
We are the first manufacturer who has been devoted to the plant factory production industry in Southern Taiwan. At the same time, we have also invested in large-scale plant factory and laboratory, having professionals from mechanics, electronics, and agriculture who work simultaneously for the development of production equipment R&D and the development of crop cultivation techniques. Additionally, we do whole plant factory export domestically and internationally. Apart from the development of production equipment, we also carry out development of high-yield crops. In 2015, together with the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute of the Council of Agriculture, we worked in the cultivation of wasabi in the plant factory, and the same was replicated with ginseng in 2016. All of them were successfully mass produced in the plant factories.

In 2016, we started the plant factory related automation equipment research and development, aiming to the reduction of the manpower input in the plant factory, which was highly-praised. We also developed new materials (PP water tray/tank) that can be applied in the plant factories.

In 2017, we constructed the first twelve high-level plant factories and laboratories for our client (listed company).

In 2018, we conducted academic-industrial cooperation with National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism which consisted in the R&D of edible flower products. Our second factory (approx. 2000 m2) was officially established in August.



Professional electrical, electronics and agricultural integration


Structurally, it is a hardware device that is easy in development and assembly, convenient, cost-effective, and quick to repair, such as cultivation racks.


The automated information integration and application in the plant factory, this includes the generation of the traceability data, which are integrated into the electron.


With our professional abilities in agriculture, we develop the growth conditions of different crops, conduct professional cultivation and their research, and provide solutions to problems arising from client’s cultivation.

Continuous R&D of equipment

LOGA continues to develop and improve the equipment of the next generation, such as fully manual at the early stage → semi-automatic → fully automatic, which include other cultivation equipment in addition to the overall plant factory design and construction.

Improve automation applications

Since 2017, LOGA has invested respectively in automatic seeding machines, automatic cultivation board cleaning, and automatic seedling transplanting equipment. This also includes automatic handling and packaging in the future with further investments. The aim is to increase the automation applications in the plant factory.

Academic-government-industry connection


Based on our own professional field


we work together with the Council of Agriculture and the Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute top develop particular crop plants


We also have numerous crop R&D and exchanges with National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, National Taiwan University, and other agricultural-related departments in national universities.
Additionally, we are also conducting innovative development of editable flower recipes with National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism.